Anger Tested

0210141442See that? I did that. Got ticked off and kicked a door, and since this particular door did not have any kind of stopper on it or behind it, its handle slammed into the wall, creating the hole you now see.

I’m sure you can also see the “hole” is really more of a square. That’s because this particular wall had been punctured before and had been subsequently patched, so, in my defense, it took less effort to create a new hole in an already-weakened area. And, for reasons I won’t go into, I was really hacked off about an incident that probably would have caused a great number of hot-headed males to at least kick something out of frustration.

I thought of that hole this weekend when I saw Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart shove Texas Tech jerk fan Jeff Orr in the chest Saturday night. I won’t deny that there is a part of me that loves seeing smart-mouthed knuckleheads in the stands get what’s coming to them. Ron Artest at The Palace? Dude shouldn’t have thrown that cup at him. Vernon Maxwell punching a guy in the face? Don’t mock a man’s wife’s miscarriage. Monica Seles getting stabbed? Well, it didn’t happen, but somebody should have beat the crap out of that maniac, too.

Smart claimed shortly after the incident that Orr had called him “the N-word,” but he seemed to back off that statement later. To show his classiness, Orr clarified that he hadn’t used the racial epithet, but had rather called Smart a “piece of crap,” which, of course, is much better. Both men apologized for their actions, and Smart received a three-game suspension, while Orr voluntarily will not attend any more Tech games this season, presumably leaving him more time to call teenagers pieces of crap from the comfort of his own living room rather than in crowded gymnasiums.

Some guys (and probably girls, too) just have it coming. Truth be told, though, a lot of other people in the arena that night probably had it coming, too. And a lot of people at the next Oklahoma State game will probably having it coming as well. If Smart makes it to the NBA, you know a lot of those fans will straight up deserve a shove in the chest. Beyond that, though, Smart will likely have to deal with rude waitresses, people talking too loud at the movie theater, lazy co-workers, drivers who cut him off in traffic…

You can probably see what I’m getting at. Everywhere we go, there is going to be something to test us. Smart will likely have to deal020914-Marcus-Smart-600 with jerk fans until he hangs up his high-tops for good one day, and as much as they would probably deserve it, he can’t shove every one of them in the chest in retaliation. And as bad as my day may be, I can’t go around kicking holes in walls to take out my frustration. Without self-control, we can cause all kinds of damage. As much as we would like to, we can’t dish out justice as we see fit. We have to turn the other cheek sometimes.

So I failed my anger test, just like Marcus Smart did, and I’ll probably fail many more before my time on earth is through. I hope Smart comes out of all this a better man … or at least a better man than Orr was Saturday night.


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