Five Blogging Lessons Learned In 2013

This was the year I decided to get serious about blogging … and I still didn’t write something every day. Nevertheless, I feel I learned some important lessons about the blogosphere in 2013, so I thought I’d share some of those on this final day of the year.

1) Famous names/people generate traffic

My most popular blog of the year was one where I referenced Christian deejay and radio personality Brant Hansen. The blog itself, though, wasn’t the key in getting more views. That was probably more due to the fact I could include “@branthansen” in the Twitter link for the post, which led to many of his followers checking it out. Yes, it’s shameless piggybacking, but it does work.

2) Don’t mention anyone you might not want contacting you

My second most-viewed post of 2013 concerned Doug Phillips, the former Vision Forum Ministries president who stepped down after admitting to an extramarital affair in late October. In that post, I referenced another blog, Jen’s Gems – Doug Phillips’ Ecclesiastical Tyranny and Abuse. As a result, I received several comments from followers of that blog, which wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. People are passionate, though, and I should have expected at least some feedback.

3) Other people apparently read blogs more than I do

At last check, 74 people were following this blog, which is pretty impressive when you consider it hasn’t had any real focus since I started it. I’ve been amazed by the diversity of the people who have subscribed to it. I’ve also felt slightly guilty because I don’t really read anyone else’s blogs, much less subscribe to them. Still, a huge thank you to the 74 folks who decided what I had to say was interesting enough to come back for more.

4) You can’t go wrong with kids

The outpouring of prayers, support, and encouragement when my daughter had her heart surgery back in May was overwhelming. My post first describing her condition wound up being my fifth most-popular entry of the year. I noticed over the course of the year, though, that pretty much any post relating to children always finds an audience. In a society where kids are exposed to so many crazy things, it’s good to know people are still so interested in them.

5) Blogging is easy; writing something worth reading is hard

‘Nuff said.

Happy New Year, everyone. Making that resolution now to post something tomorrow. 🙂


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