Honesty can kill/Honesty can heal – King’s X, “Honesty”

I wrote a really great post last night. It was honest and heartfelt, confessional and timely, and it touched on some issues I think we all struggle with at one time or another. It was probably one of the better posts I’ve written in quite some time.

So why am I afraid to publish it then?

In this particular post, I confessed to harboring some bitterness toward some people. The whole point of what I had written was to point out how I was wrong to be doing that. Unfortunately, it was difficult to express why I was holding on to that bitterness without mentioning the offending party. Despite my best attempts to clarify that what I was feeling was entirely my fault and how I desperately wanted to move on from past hurts, I couldn’t seem to get around mentioning the truth of the matter concerning what had happened.

So I now posses a draft of a very good piece of writing (in my opinion, at least).

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this particular blog is more confessional and less confessional in nature. As evidenced by the title, there will plenty of discussion here about how the writer (me) is trying to overcome certain faults and hang-ups in order to become a better person. At best, I hope there are some words here which will inspire others to think about the same things I am. At worst, I hope I can at least provide a momentary diversion with a little bit of decent writing.

There is a definite danger, though, in being too honest. I often have trouble figuring out where that line is. It’s one thing to write about a disagreement with a policy of an elected office you will likely never personally meet; it is quite another to write about something going on in your hometown, concerning people you’re likely to run into at the local Walmart, and possibly making things very difficult for yourself down the road. I’ve had comments on posts from people who I was pretty convinced never even went on the Internet. Be careful, little hands, what you type…

So, fellow bloggers, my question to you this morning is this: How honest is too honest? How much information is too much information? How confessional should a writer be?

I’m very interested in getting some feedback here. Any and all comments are welcome … even painfully honest ones.

One thought on “Honesty

  1. Unfortunately it is sometimes hard to figure out what is too far until you say it. The problem with writing it down and publishing it is it can never be undone in the public. There are alot of what ifs and maybes about such things. So the best thing to do is ask yourself is if this is a hill you want to die on. If its a stand for Christ or strong morality I thing it’s a hill worth dying on. If it concerns family it might be a hill worth dying on. If it is just a difference of opinion I don’t think I would want to die on that hill. If its about politics, unfortunately, nobody will really listen. So you will probably just get a flesh wound anyway. Just my 2 cents bro.

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