I’m Still Here!

Okay, so it’s been … one, two … six …. well, a really long time since I’ve written anything. Believe me, it’s not from a lack of trying. To put things mildly, 2011 has not exactly been the easier year for my family. My grandfather passed away last month, and then my wife found as his funeral was ending that her grandmother (who had been ill for some time) had passed away as well. We had a ridiculous stretch where we spent four out of five days at one of the local funeral homes. And then, to compound things even further, my dad suffered a major stroke (his second in the last three years) about two weeks ago and has been hospitalized ever since.

Needless to say, all this hasn’t left a great deal of time available for writing. If I were to be completely honest with myself, though, I’d probably have to admit that I’ve actually had plenty of time to sit down and write. It’s just that in times like these words are very difficult to come by. By the time you sit down at the keyboard, you’re either too mentally tired, too physically exhausted, or too just plain distracted by everything else going on to actually string any coherent thoughts together. I have three other posts that I’ve started; they’re all about a paragraph long each, and none of them will likely every be finished. When I go back and look at them now, they look like the thoughts of some alien who hijacked my account.

So the purpose of this post is not to try and really talk about anything, but just rather to say, “Hey, I’m still here. I don’t know if anybody missed me or not, but I haven’t given up on this writing thing. Maybe one day all this will calm down, and I’ll actually start making sense again.”

Until then…

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